The stopping of the bridge to total freedom.

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1. LRH dies.
2. DM takes power and now embarks on a program to secure that by gradually removing any threats to him.

3. During the removal all the OT levels above OT8 are lost, hidden, stolen, destroyed, never existed (though LRH stated they were written and I have no reason to believe they were not)

4. The top execs freak out and devise a lie to tell the public.

5. Public are told that LRH left his body to go to Target 2 to not scare off existing public and keep the income sources and hope alive.

6. Plans and Programs are thought up to keep Scn going but not allow anyone to get high enough to start demanding the upper OT levels at 9 and 10 etc. These programs always have unobtainable goals. IE 10,000 on OT 7 all Orgs Saint Hill Size (changed to all orgs Ideal).

7. Put stops and brakes on the bridge.
DM devises GAT for OTs. End result is sec checks on OT7. redoing the level for both OT7’s and 8’s. People protest blow off the level ect.

7a Golden age of tech.
Now every Scientologist is out tech so they have to redo the entire bridge. Repurchase of materials, repurchase of entire bridge, retraining of bridge. Result is many people (old timers) rebel and leave. Now DM has less people that remember the real LRH and less people to call him on his out tech.

8. Golden Age of Knowledge.
Now every scientologist has to restudy every basic book as they were the “blind leading the blind. Further degrading of LRH. More slows on the bridge. Every scientologist stopped dead in their tracks to read basics and no one getting trained or audited. LRH stated that one learned on a gradient and read it, drill it, do it. Violation of the study tech pretty much guaranteed to send most students into a spin.

NOTE: In the sea org old timers are removed and younger more easily manipulated people are given positions of power.

9. Top Execs are removed. All the key execs are gone. Heber, Guillame, Rinder, Rathbun, Debbie Cook, ect.

9. The ACC’s.
Now getting every person to buy and study the ADVANCED CLINICAL COURSES. Out gradient another $5000 purchase and more stops to actually going up the bridge. I was even told that once I had the EP’s of the objectives I would cognite faster !!

10. Objectives. After the ACC’s came out we had the redoing of objectives. All public were ordered to do them. Further slowing of the bridge and stopping people going to OT.

11. IDLE ORGS. Now the game is to get all orgs ideal. Not LRH and it degrades OT ambassadors to becoming regges and playing degrading games like holding caberet events to raise funds, keeps the paying publics attention off the real goal of going OT and training and auditing.

12. Super Power.
Never released. Suppressed into a money raising activity. Witholding of a powerful auditing action.

13. IAS.
Keeping the public from buying the bridge by paying out for out exchange activities.

14. Heavy Ethics Programs.
Top protect his territory DM enforces heavy ethics, Disconnection, tells people not to look or listen. Ethics interviews take on a more sinister nature, 2D activities now a crime, introverts public and puts them in fear.

15. Negative PR.
Seems to me that the church is encouraging negative PR in an effort to show they have a worthy enemy. This is right out of the PTS SP course.

  •  Oh and one final and critical point. Thousands of Clears invalidated to a not clear R factor
  • I missed the changing of the FN to three swings. Of course that will invalidate any and all wins and stop and slow all progress UP the bridge.

Entry filed under: Director of Bridge Control.

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