How Gem Mining is like life.

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This last couple of weeks I have been up in the NC mountains mining for emeralds. I was invited by a friend who enjoys this as a hobby. The mine we were at was an old Tiffany’s emerald mine and though long abandoned it still contains many gems.

The second week I was there I took my wife as a date day. I think that God lead me there. I had a cognition that is expanding as I think it through and its a message that needs to be communicated. My experiences in life thus far have given me knowledge on many things. This Gem mining trip was a perfect place to receive this word. An abandoned mine in the middle of nowhere. I think that God placed this in my head to share and so here it is. I hope that this helps you.


Mining for gems is an analogy for life or business. If you are in business you have been through many tough times and as you know you have to hit a lot of dumb rocks to find one that’s got anything worth looking at. As it is in selling yourself if you knock on enough hard headed people you might crack a few and find a gem. Even then not every thing that shines is valuable and there’s a lot of fools gold out there.

Just like mining if you search in the right places and look long enough and hard enough you will stumble across something of value every so often. Some miners look in the wrong places and complain that mining is stupid and all the good gems are gone. It is important in mining to have a good attitude and a positive outlook. So it is with life. When you venture out make sure that the area you pick is suitable to find gems. In our case an old Tiffany’s mine.

If you learn your trade you will increase your chances of success. Listening to “experts” might send you off on the wrong track, especially when those “experts” don’t want you to discover the source of their wealth. We were told that just hitting rocks with a hammer was a waste of time but sometimes those naive first timers have all the luck and some students that didn’t know any better did just that and found many gems.

Maybe they just didn’t listen to the negativity and did what they enjoyed and became successful because they had no considerations on what should or shouldn’t be.

Just like being in business you need the right tools to do the job. If you show up with just your hands you might get some work done. Buy the right tools and its just that much easier. As it is in business; a mans working tools should be chosen well and suitable for his craft. If in sales invest in a good education as your mind is your tool.

Many will come to mine with you, saying, “I’ll help, this is easy”. Of those many will quit early, some will get bored and tired and sit and watch you mine. Pointing out what you “should be doing”. Those are the ones that will want to share what you find while not actually contributing anything of value while saying: “where’s the 50% for my help”?

Some will wander off and sleep in the sun, dreaming of what they might find but never doing the work to get it expecting gems and gold to just appear, just as those in business that sit around dreaming of success but never attempting to get started is often the biggest barrier.

In some mines there are snakes that hide under rocks. We saw some this weekend. Some people vowed to never mine there again as snakes were dangerous. I just noted them as being present and left them alone. They reciprocated and stayed under their rock out of harms way.


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