On Tour. Dir Bridge Control AOLA. Confronting the disaster that was the CL V orgs.

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I have to say that being on tour was my favorite time in the Sea Org. Mainly it was because I was away from the yelling and screaming going on at AOLA and the Pac Base but mostly it was because I got to stay in nice hotels and eat real food in fancy restaurants on my Per Diem (I got $50 per day for two of us so we would only eat dinner and go to places like Chillies and Outback Steakhouse šŸ™‚ ).

For the most part I loved working in Class V orgs because I was able to at least try to help people but it was also very disheartening because I could see the struggles and abuse that these staffers had suffered over the years.

I toured many orgs over the two years I was in the Sea Org and some many times over. It was always like pulling teeth getting permission to go unless I took a chaplain or some tech person with me to do recoveries. That wasn’t my post really but I would do whatever I had to in order to get out of town.

I don’t remember the first outer org I went to so I’ll just recall them from memory in no specific order.

In order to give you some background my post was really to go to outer orgs to help build Division Sixes. This was not under the SO missions hat (which were generally like the gestapo descending on the enemy but LRH said it was to be a help flow. Well as LRH said to only follow green on white I generally ignored orders from my seniors 20 seconds after they gave them to me. They were generally squirelly anyway and almost always off my post.

The first few tours things were lax and I had no in or out ethics checks or pre tour briefings. That changed later but we will get into that in time.

If you are following the flow of my posts you will know that Dir Bridge Controls job is to create a flow of new public up the bridge. to Clear by helping lower org Div 6’s.

How do you squirrel that simple task ? Well the Public Officer at AOLA managed it. Her only goal was to get stats up (by either false report or stat push or screaming). So the big Div 6 stat at the time was arrivals and GI. I was told many times to do clear recovery cycles. Way off my post and mostly ignored by me while away.

Most of my tours were centered around the northern california area. Sacramento Mountain View, SF org, etc. There were 3 orgs that were almost on top of each other. Mountain View, Stevens Creek and Los Gatos.

These orgs were the target of many SO missions and tours yet another green SO member wasn’t really welcome. None of the Orgs were in great shape at the time but here are some highlights.

Mountain View Academy. 3 year danger trend. Average students on course 3 -5 in the days and maybe 7-8 in the evenings. My biggest win here was visiting every clears house hold in the area and trying to recover or fix ARCXen people. There were about 30-40 in the area. We got to every house we had as a registered address. I have never seen so much hate in my life. I think we recovered one person. Many doors slammed in faces and people moved on. This is 2001/2 before the soon to be destructive basics evolution. I was stunned. Hang on a minute, clears are supposed to be happy and well “clear” are they not.
When I got back to AOLA the “reason” I was given was that they were in the NON interference zone and that between clear and OTV much case can be stirred up. I think John Allesso the Org Officer at the time (later RPF’d) tried to convince me on that one. Seeds of doubt were being sown. Yes this was a win!

Los Gatos org was nice and had a friendly staff. There wasnt much really to do there as they mostly had their act together and so we helped them with call in for events, tidied up a bit and left. It was nice to be away from the org and relax.

Stevens Creek was another story. The org was a shambles with lots of staff natter and chatter. We tried to help but it was mostly rejected. The org was a dump and as there were not tom many clears in the area I was kept away from helping them further. I could have done more but bigger influences stopped me.

San Francisco was a whole other level of crap. How anyone got any gain there I’ll never know. The Div Six was a shit hole. the basement had 40 years of mouldy promo stacked up everywhere and the org wasn’t nice. I guess over the years many missions from PAC base had completely pissed off every staff member in the place and so any Sea Org member was treated with contempt. I heard many complaints from both staff and public about conditions etc and on top of that the org was bordering the gay district and a soup kitchen. There was no way body routing was going to happen. Most public wouldn’t go near the place. We tried in vain to find any salvage of hope there. Most everyone were counting on Int getting another building. This place needed to move. It was fast becoming apparent that the flow of clears wasnt going to come from the bay area. I think at the time the only org able to deliver the CCRD was SFOF and they did about 4 per year. I did some write ups to Int about it but of course they just went into space.

As I stated earlier I had come from some very successful companies. One really wonders who the hell were at the top of the management chain and what reality they had with the street.





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  • 1. KingTut  |  April 4, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Cool to get info on what conditions were like on the inside of Scientology! Ortega’s blog mostly reports on its wider interactions and conflicts with society.


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