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The Dir Bridge Control Part 2:

As a background to this story i’ll tell you about the hat of Bridge Control and Division 6a.

When I studied the Org board I really got the flow of products through the org. Each section builds on the last and people come in one end and out the other and then rinse wash repeat one moves up the bridge. It can be applied to all life, business and individuals.

So why is the AO’s org board different. What does 6a have at an AO that an org or mission doesn’t need but an AO does? Why does an AO have to help a lower org and how big are the consequences to OT?

The answer is Bridge “FLOW”. People moving up the Bridge.

Missions get people started onto the bridge. They are mini Div Sixes. Basic services. Class V orgs get the person up the bridge to clear, through solo and ready for OT. AO’s get the person up to OT V and then to Flag for 6 and 7. The Ship delivers 8.

Now a mission can get bigger and become an org. Class V can go Saint Hill size (that is based on amount of staff and delivery). Orgs and Missions have a vital Div Six role in getting new public and new staff. Actions like book sales, CONTACT SALVAGE and Bring to UNDERSTANDING is the function of Div Six in a lower org or mission so that the public can take BRIDGE steps and get to OT as fast as possible.

The goal? 10000 people on solo NOTS. The purpose is to handle the Theta Entheta ration as described in Science of Survival. That many people auditing the level should bring about a resurgence of cause and knock out the entheta on the third and fourth dynamics. You will now start to see from this viewpoint all the actions taken at upper management to stop people getting to OT. It became clear as day to me. This story will help other see it and what we as Indies can do. Any action that stops someone going moving up the Bridge is a stop to going OT. More on that later.

ASHO delivers the SHSBC, OT preps, Training. It makes Auditors.

Thats the flow of Scientology according to LRH. Each higher org is tasked with helping the next lower org get its stats up and thus flourish and prosper and everyone wins. At AO’s the division tasked with doing that is 6a. Its broken into three parts. Its purpose is to educate people about OT through promotion, advance payments and helping the lower orgs function and create CLEARS! Its actions are to HELP (you are going to see how that is not the case).

What are the dire consequences of this not happening? No public for AO’s and thus NO OT’s. Flag AO, AOLA, AOSH, ASHO etc would not exist without the lower orgs. This makes that post a vital indicator of their future and the FLOW of public to those orgs.
The STATS of 6a are promotional items sent to public, New Names to CF, FSM commissions to Orgs and Advance Payments. You will need to remember these as its going to come in handy later when you see how the entire system had been bastardized and is set up to FAIL by DM. And I know he knows about it as I personally reported it to him and Guillaume LeServe when they came to AOLA.
The 3 sections consist of Control, Flow Promotion in that order. It works like this. Control makes sure that the Div Six of the lower org is functioning. It makes sure that the div six has a steady flow of new public doing introductory services. As an AO you would be considered the “expert” in Div Six and the Major hat is the Div Six OEC. Then once the public is in the org you make sure that they complete the course’s and take their first step on the bridge. That is the stat. New Names to Central Files. ONLY a person that takes a BRIDGE step is considered a New Name. You will see then that a book buyer, seminar attendee, Div Six completion, Sunday Service attendee etc doesnt count as a NNCF and thus is not yet a Scientologist. Doens’t the current false reporting of 40 millions “Scientologists” by current management now show it as it is. A LIE. For anyone that needs the reference on this its New Names to Central Files in OEC 6. Its only a paragraph but thats the one that the AO has to refer to. In later stories I’ll tell you how AOLA falsely won the 2002 birthday game based on this false report and how when it was found out nothing was done to handle it. Also you are going to learn how the AOLA, Flag and ASHO org boards are wrong and the hats being worn in advance Division Six have been killing class V for years.


Entry filed under: Director of Bridge Control.

The Director Of Bridge Control in AOLA Scientologies upper levels org. New Names to Central Files Stat.

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