The stopping of the bridge to total freedom.

1. LRH dies.
2. DM takes power and now embarks on a program to secure that by gradually removing any threats to him.

3. During the removal all the OT levels above OT8 are lost, hidden, stolen, destroyed, never existed (though LRH stated they were written and I have no reason to believe they were not)

4. The top execs freak out and devise a lie to tell the public.

5. Public are told that LRH left his body to go to Target 2 to not scare off existing public and keep the income sources and hope alive.

6. Plans and Programs are thought up to keep Scn going but not allow anyone to get high enough to start demanding the upper OT levels at 9 and 10 etc. These programs always have unobtainable goals. IE 10,000 on OT 7 all Orgs Saint Hill Size (changed to all orgs Ideal).

7. Put stops and brakes on the bridge.
DM devises GAT for OTs. End result is sec checks on OT7. redoing the level for both OT7’s and 8’s. People protest blow off the level ect.

7a Golden age of tech.
Now every Scientologist is out tech so they have to redo the entire bridge. Repurchase of materials, repurchase of entire bridge, retraining of bridge. Result is many people (old timers) rebel and leave. Now DM has less people that remember the real LRH and less people to call him on his out tech.

8. Golden Age of Knowledge.
Now every scientologist has to restudy every basic book as they were the “blind leading the blind. Further degrading of LRH. More slows on the bridge. Every scientologist stopped dead in their tracks to read basics and no one getting trained or audited. LRH stated that one learned on a gradient and read it, drill it, do it. Violation of the study tech pretty much guaranteed to send most students into a spin.

NOTE: In the sea org old timers are removed and younger more easily manipulated people are given positions of power.

9. Top Execs are removed. All the key execs are gone. Heber, Guillame, Rinder, Rathbun, Debbie Cook, ect.

9. The ACC’s.
Now getting every person to buy and study the ADVANCED CLINICAL COURSES. Out gradient another $5000 purchase and more stops to actually going up the bridge. I was even told that once I had the EP’s of the objectives I would cognite faster !!

10. Objectives. After the ACC’s came out we had the redoing of objectives. All public were ordered to do them. Further slowing of the bridge and stopping people going to OT.

11. IDLE ORGS. Now the game is to get all orgs ideal. Not LRH and it degrades OT ambassadors to becoming regges and playing degrading games like holding caberet events to raise funds, keeps the paying publics attention off the real goal of going OT and training and auditing.

12. Super Power.
Never released. Suppressed into a money raising activity. Witholding of a powerful auditing action.

13. IAS.
Keeping the public from buying the bridge by paying out for out exchange activities.

14. Heavy Ethics Programs.
Top protect his territory DM enforces heavy ethics, Disconnection, tells people not to look or listen. Ethics interviews take on a more sinister nature, 2D activities now a crime, introverts public and puts them in fear.

15. Negative PR.
Seems to me that the church is encouraging negative PR in an effort to show they have a worthy enemy. This is right out of the PTS SP course.

  •  Oh and one final and critical point. Thousands of Clears invalidated to a not clear R factor
  • I missed the changing of the FN to three swings. Of course that will invalidate any and all wins and stop and slow all progress UP the bridge.

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How Gem Mining is like life.

This last couple of weeks I have been up in the NC mountains mining for emeralds. I was invited by a friend who enjoys this as a hobby. The mine we were at was an old Tiffany’s emerald mine and though long abandoned it still contains many gems.

The second week I was there I took my wife as a date day. I think that God lead me there. I had a cognition that is expanding as I think it through and its a message that needs to be communicated. My experiences in life thus far have given me knowledge on many things. This Gem mining trip was a perfect place to receive this word. An abandoned mine in the middle of nowhere. I think that God placed this in my head to share and so here it is. I hope that this helps you.


Mining for gems is an analogy for life or business. If you are in business you have been through many tough times and as you know you have to hit a lot of dumb rocks to find one that’s got anything worth looking at. As it is in selling yourself if you knock on enough hard headed people you might crack a few and find a gem. Even then not every thing that shines is valuable and there’s a lot of fools gold out there.

Just like mining if you search in the right places and look long enough and hard enough you will stumble across something of value every so often. Some miners look in the wrong places and complain that mining is stupid and all the good gems are gone. It is important in mining to have a good attitude and a positive outlook. So it is with life. When you venture out make sure that the area you pick is suitable to find gems. In our case an old Tiffany’s mine.

If you learn your trade you will increase your chances of success. Listening to “experts” might send you off on the wrong track, especially when those “experts” don’t want you to discover the source of their wealth. We were told that just hitting rocks with a hammer was a waste of time but sometimes those naive first timers have all the luck and some students that didn’t know any better did just that and found many gems.

Maybe they just didn’t listen to the negativity and did what they enjoyed and became successful because they had no considerations on what should or shouldn’t be.

Just like being in business you need the right tools to do the job. If you show up with just your hands you might get some work done. Buy the right tools and its just that much easier. As it is in business; a mans working tools should be chosen well and suitable for his craft. If in sales invest in a good education as your mind is your tool.

Many will come to mine with you, saying, “I’ll help, this is easy”. Of those many will quit early, some will get bored and tired and sit and watch you mine. Pointing out what you “should be doing”. Those are the ones that will want to share what you find while not actually contributing anything of value while saying: “where’s the 50% for my help”?

Some will wander off and sleep in the sun, dreaming of what they might find but never doing the work to get it expecting gems and gold to just appear, just as those in business that sit around dreaming of success but never attempting to get started is often the biggest barrier.

In some mines there are snakes that hide under rocks. We saw some this weekend. Some people vowed to never mine there again as snakes were dangerous. I just noted them as being present and left them alone. They reciprocated and stayed under their rock out of harms way.

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On Tour. Dir Bridge Control AOLA. Confronting the disaster that was the CL V orgs.

I have to say that being on tour was my favorite time in the Sea Org. Mainly it was because I was away from the yelling and screaming going on at AOLA and the Pac Base but mostly it was because I got to stay in nice hotels and eat real food in fancy restaurants on my Per Diem (I got $50 per day for two of us so we would only eat dinner and go to places like Chillies and Outback Steakhouse 🙂 ).

For the most part I loved working in Class V orgs because I was able to at least try to help people but it was also very disheartening because I could see the struggles and abuse that these staffers had suffered over the years.

I toured many orgs over the two years I was in the Sea Org and some many times over. It was always like pulling teeth getting permission to go unless I took a chaplain or some tech person with me to do recoveries. That wasn’t my post really but I would do whatever I had to in order to get out of town.

I don’t remember the first outer org I went to so I’ll just recall them from memory in no specific order.

In order to give you some background my post was really to go to outer orgs to help build Division Sixes. This was not under the SO missions hat (which were generally like the gestapo descending on the enemy but LRH said it was to be a help flow. Well as LRH said to only follow green on white I generally ignored orders from my seniors 20 seconds after they gave them to me. They were generally squirelly anyway and almost always off my post.

The first few tours things were lax and I had no in or out ethics checks or pre tour briefings. That changed later but we will get into that in time.

If you are following the flow of my posts you will know that Dir Bridge Controls job is to create a flow of new public up the bridge. to Clear by helping lower org Div 6’s.

How do you squirrel that simple task ? Well the Public Officer at AOLA managed it. Her only goal was to get stats up (by either false report or stat push or screaming). So the big Div 6 stat at the time was arrivals and GI. I was told many times to do clear recovery cycles. Way off my post and mostly ignored by me while away.

Most of my tours were centered around the northern california area. Sacramento Mountain View, SF org, etc. There were 3 orgs that were almost on top of each other. Mountain View, Stevens Creek and Los Gatos.

These orgs were the target of many SO missions and tours yet another green SO member wasn’t really welcome. None of the Orgs were in great shape at the time but here are some highlights.

Mountain View Academy. 3 year danger trend. Average students on course 3 -5 in the days and maybe 7-8 in the evenings. My biggest win here was visiting every clears house hold in the area and trying to recover or fix ARCXen people. There were about 30-40 in the area. We got to every house we had as a registered address. I have never seen so much hate in my life. I think we recovered one person. Many doors slammed in faces and people moved on. This is 2001/2 before the soon to be destructive basics evolution. I was stunned. Hang on a minute, clears are supposed to be happy and well “clear” are they not.
When I got back to AOLA the “reason” I was given was that they were in the NON interference zone and that between clear and OTV much case can be stirred up. I think John Allesso the Org Officer at the time (later RPF’d) tried to convince me on that one. Seeds of doubt were being sown. Yes this was a win!

Los Gatos org was nice and had a friendly staff. There wasnt much really to do there as they mostly had their act together and so we helped them with call in for events, tidied up a bit and left. It was nice to be away from the org and relax.

Stevens Creek was another story. The org was a shambles with lots of staff natter and chatter. We tried to help but it was mostly rejected. The org was a dump and as there were not tom many clears in the area I was kept away from helping them further. I could have done more but bigger influences stopped me.

San Francisco was a whole other level of crap. How anyone got any gain there I’ll never know. The Div Six was a shit hole. the basement had 40 years of mouldy promo stacked up everywhere and the org wasn’t nice. I guess over the years many missions from PAC base had completely pissed off every staff member in the place and so any Sea Org member was treated with contempt. I heard many complaints from both staff and public about conditions etc and on top of that the org was bordering the gay district and a soup kitchen. There was no way body routing was going to happen. Most public wouldn’t go near the place. We tried in vain to find any salvage of hope there. Most everyone were counting on Int getting another building. This place needed to move. It was fast becoming apparent that the flow of clears wasnt going to come from the bay area. I think at the time the only org able to deliver the CCRD was SFOF and they did about 4 per year. I did some write ups to Int about it but of course they just went into space.

As I stated earlier I had come from some very successful companies. One really wonders who the hell were at the top of the management chain and what reality they had with the street.




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New Names To Central Files Continued

What does that mean for the flow of public up the bridge to AOLA ? Well with so few people actually starting on the lower levels of the bridge and two AO’s in the USA the future statistics of those higher orgs would be affected to such a degree that there would be no public going into the higher orgs. Its supposed to work like this. Lower org Div Sixes get in new public by selling books, running comm courses, PR activities, bodies in the shop and generally body routing people into orgs getting them winning on basic courses and then started on major services like purifs, auditing, training etc. If there were so few first starts then of course the Div Six’s in lower orgs were not doing their job. It was my post to find out why and fix it. Now its time to go on tour. Visit the outer orgs and see for myself why things are not working.


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New Names to Central Files Stat.

AOLA Bridge Control Part 3. The Great New Names Fraud.
Ever wondered why the church claims 400 billion members? (and thats just in LA). Well I found out why when I was on post as Dir Bridge Control AOLA in 2002.
As posted earlier the New Names to Central Files stat on the AOLA org board is for those people who newly take their first step on the Bridge. That means a Purif Start, Student hat Etc. My job was to enter those names in the the AOLA CF by typing them each week thus adding a person that the AO could then write to and “encourage” to get up the bridge to clear as fast as possible. The reasoning by LRH was to educate people on the state of OT so they had a higher goal than just Clear. My actual product as Bridge Control was to make sure Div Sixes were doing there job and getting people onto major services.

So then given the number of missions and orgs at the time do you thing this could be so altered and squirreled into a false stat.

My senior at the time the 6a secretary had managed to procure a list of every book buyer and Div Six start in the USA. My job then was to type those names into a CF. For those of you on staff at some point will know that to win birthday game points you have to have normals and affluences to get those points. Now if the stat were managed properly when he found the 15,000 names you would have had a week of affluence and then a huge crash. But oh no, the public officer had devised a plan to drag those stats out for years to create a continuing increase. Instead of doing my real job of getting lower orgs working I spent my time typing the names in of public that were never supposed to be AO public in the first place.

This is one of the major stats of an AO Div Six. I was actually typing in over 1500 names a week. The real stat of the orgs. 40 -60 new starts COUNTRY WIDE.

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What is the Bridge Control Post

The Dir Bridge Control Part 2:

As a background to this story i’ll tell you about the hat of Bridge Control and Division 6a.

When I studied the Org board I really got the flow of products through the org. Each section builds on the last and people come in one end and out the other and then rinse wash repeat one moves up the bridge. It can be applied to all life, business and individuals.

So why is the AO’s org board different. What does 6a have at an AO that an org or mission doesn’t need but an AO does? Why does an AO have to help a lower org and how big are the consequences to OT?

The answer is Bridge “FLOW”. People moving up the Bridge.

Missions get people started onto the bridge. They are mini Div Sixes. Basic services. Class V orgs get the person up the bridge to clear, through solo and ready for OT. AO’s get the person up to OT V and then to Flag for 6 and 7. The Ship delivers 8.

Now a mission can get bigger and become an org. Class V can go Saint Hill size (that is based on amount of staff and delivery). Orgs and Missions have a vital Div Six role in getting new public and new staff. Actions like book sales, CONTACT SALVAGE and Bring to UNDERSTANDING is the function of Div Six in a lower org or mission so that the public can take BRIDGE steps and get to OT as fast as possible.

The goal? 10000 people on solo NOTS. The purpose is to handle the Theta Entheta ration as described in Science of Survival. That many people auditing the level should bring about a resurgence of cause and knock out the entheta on the third and fourth dynamics. You will now start to see from this viewpoint all the actions taken at upper management to stop people getting to OT. It became clear as day to me. This story will help other see it and what we as Indies can do. Any action that stops someone going moving up the Bridge is a stop to going OT. More on that later.

ASHO delivers the SHSBC, OT preps, Training. It makes Auditors.

Thats the flow of Scientology according to LRH. Each higher org is tasked with helping the next lower org get its stats up and thus flourish and prosper and everyone wins. At AO’s the division tasked with doing that is 6a. Its broken into three parts. Its purpose is to educate people about OT through promotion, advance payments and helping the lower orgs function and create CLEARS! Its actions are to HELP (you are going to see how that is not the case).

What are the dire consequences of this not happening? No public for AO’s and thus NO OT’s. Flag AO, AOLA, AOSH, ASHO etc would not exist without the lower orgs. This makes that post a vital indicator of their future and the FLOW of public to those orgs.
The STATS of 6a are promotional items sent to public, New Names to CF, FSM commissions to Orgs and Advance Payments. You will need to remember these as its going to come in handy later when you see how the entire system had been bastardized and is set up to FAIL by DM. And I know he knows about it as I personally reported it to him and Guillaume LeServe when they came to AOLA.
The 3 sections consist of Control, Flow Promotion in that order. It works like this. Control makes sure that the Div Six of the lower org is functioning. It makes sure that the div six has a steady flow of new public doing introductory services. As an AO you would be considered the “expert” in Div Six and the Major hat is the Div Six OEC. Then once the public is in the org you make sure that they complete the course’s and take their first step on the bridge. That is the stat. New Names to Central Files. ONLY a person that takes a BRIDGE step is considered a New Name. You will see then that a book buyer, seminar attendee, Div Six completion, Sunday Service attendee etc doesnt count as a NNCF and thus is not yet a Scientologist. Doens’t the current false reporting of 40 millions “Scientologists” by current management now show it as it is. A LIE. For anyone that needs the reference on this its New Names to Central Files in OEC 6. Its only a paragraph but thats the one that the AO has to refer to. In later stories I’ll tell you how AOLA falsely won the 2002 birthday game based on this false report and how when it was found out nothing was done to handle it. Also you are going to learn how the AOLA, Flag and ASHO org boards are wrong and the hats being worn in advance Division Six have been killing class V for years.

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The Director Of Bridge Control in AOLA Scientologies upper levels org.

Heres a story from AOLA that you might like. I joined the SO in the October just after 9/11. I even made the Scientology News as an upstat for leaving a 120k a year job to “help” mankind. I was posted in Div Six at AOLA under Steffanie Carey that Captain at the time. AOLA was doing well and producing lots of OT’s and had highest ever OT completions. Tensions were always very high and there were lots of ethics handlings on people that other fish to fry. My post was Dir Bridge Control. I was to be over every Org and Mission in the USA and LATAM as far as Div Six was concerned. My job was to be the Expert in helping orgs and missions to build their Div Six’s. After one week on post and not a single piece of training I was fired to my first org. ASHO. Well as you know its across the street.

Having run multi million dollar sales departments I was kind of surprised at the entire waste of resources in this futile and pointless mission. Secondly I was treated with derision and contempt from the 15 year olds running ASHO’s Div Six. I decided it was a good idea to get back to AOLA and read my Hat pack.

When I tried to locate that pack I was told that no such pack ever existed. I would have to go to the OEC’s and “figure it out”. Eeek. Where was the super efficient SO I thought.

After much searching I discovered that LRH setup this post for all AO’s to provide service to the lower orgs and to help them produce clears so that AO’s never ran out of the flow of public. Brilliant! Now I could do my job.

So enthusiastically I got to getting my stats up. New Names to CF and Commissions to lower orgs for selecting and sending clears to AO. Lets break them down.

New Names to CF is the amount of people on the continent that take their first step onto the Bridge. Important as it ensures a flow of public up to Clear.
FSM Commisions to Orgs is paying an org or mission for sending a fully trained Clear (solo completion) to AOLA so they can do their OT levels. This then ensures that people get on the bridge and work up it to go OT. Clever man this LRH.

Over the next few stories I’ll tell you why the COS is doomed to failure, the false reports, stat pushes, lies and the destruction of LRH’s system that can be observed from this ONE KEY POST that will ensure that all new public will not make it to OT or get up the bridge.

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